Autonomy Format & Tool

I’ve created a format that enables me to efficiently:

  1. direct After Effects layer movements (linear (at any angle), circular, or to a specific position);

  2. dictate the type of ease I want After Effects to utilize;

  3. and to do all of this at exactly the times I specify.

I named it Autonomy. I then created a tool that enables me to quickly toss that formatting code on layers of my choosing.

Autonomy in Action

This first video is a demo of me utilizing the Autonomy tool and format to move layers based on marker points.

Next is an short video created with Autonomy to demo what the movements look like at actual speed.


Natural Language Processing & Autonomy

I’ve also been experimenting with using Natural Language Processing to transform my vocal commands into my custom format. I can then easily copy and paste the properly formatted data into the Autonomy tool and see it control a layer’s movement over time.


Autonomy Format Converter

I also created a tool that enables me to quickly extract position data from a series of layers and convert that into the Autonomy format. This is beneficial when I aim to draw out a path to a beat.


“Computer, Draw me some designs!”

I’ve also experimented with seeing what my computer can draw on its own, with only a few rules.