This demo video features a couple custom scripts that help me create and manipulate compositions organized in accordance with The Grid System.

Soon after reading a formative book on The Grid System, I took the rules it defined and built a script that would allow me to generate and arrange compositions in alignment with those specifications. I then went further, building scripts that would allow me to easily restructure the size and dimensions of those compositions. After that, I was just on a roll and created scripts that would allow me to toss assets into compositions or clear assets from compositions by only highlighting layers that referenced those compositions. I then decided to group all these scripts together into one easily accessible graphical user interface and tool.

Below is an updated version of the script that enables me to add an image that transcends the boundaries of the comps I select.


Earlier Iteration

Below is an older version of the scripts in action, before I decided to create the Graphical User Interface you see above.