Social-Emotional Learning

This video showcases an array of the techniques I employ as a motion designer: character animation techniques, frame by frame manipulation, custom expression development, and scripting.

While at Watts, on this project, I animated the following video in collaboration with Watts Creative Director, David Godwin.

I was generally responsible for the animation from 0:00 to 0:49, some of the animations from 1:03 to 1:08, and the character animation and door rotation/lock UI from 1:09 till the end.

Character Animation: I animated the doctor's motions in the office from 0:00 to 0:08, the student's movements from 0:22 to 0:33,  and the character's targeted jumping from 1:10 to 1:12, based on a live-action reference we shot outdoors.

Frame by Frame Manipulation: I animated the section from 0:44 to 0:47, frame by frame.

Custom Expression Development: On this project, I was able to create an expression that David could use that would enable him to loop the keyframes he created on path properties, a feat not normally possible. He utilized that expression whenever needed between 0:50 to 0:59.

Scripting & Expressions: I was able to build an opacity property expression that triggered the increase in a layer's opacity value at an exact time based on the object's distance from the main character. I applied this expression to all the floating object layers. This sum effect is visible from 0:26 to 0:30. 

In addition, I was able to build a script that created position keyframe values and custom interpolations on layers in mass, based on each layer's starting position. In my script, I defined that AE create position keyframe values that moved inwardly, toward the main character, at designated times. The sum effect is visible from 0:30 to 0:33.