Customer Insight

In the process of animating this video with a co-worker, I had to come up with a couple unique and inventive solutions to achieve time-consuming animations efficiently. A few of them are detailed below.

1) From 00:01 to 0:05, I had to animate gray particles emanating to precise positions out of larger, colorful objects. Doing so by hand would take hours, so, instead, I created two scripting expressions as a solution. 

A. I first created a script that determined and put all the larger, colorful object positions values into an array. The array captured the objects' position as well as the time the object appeared on the screen. 

B. I then created a script that required that I highlight every gray particle layer. The script then figured out every gray particle's position values; determined (from the data found in step A) which larger, colorful pattern was located nearby; and created, at the appropriate time, two position keyframes with customized eases moving from the larger, colorful object starting position to the final gray particle resting position.

2) From 00:28 to 00:39, I had to animate a number of small circles orbiting around and have their orbits all align at a precise time. In order to achieve that, I broke the circular motions into Sine and Cosine equations with customizable Amplitude, Frequency, and Phase values. By using Effect Controllers, I was able to control the Phases over time so that that I could speed up or slow down the rate of the orbits so they aligned at the exact time.